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This means the software will have a US license and will be useless to me.

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Recently a friend of mine took up an offer which was sent to her by Groupon.Depending on where the seller is located and how you paid you should be able to make a claim for faulty upon arrival.

Since placing the order, they have not provided me with any update or replied to my emails.In any case report them to Consumers Direct and the Trading Standards Office.Do distance selling regulations apply when ordering from the US.I purchased a ticket from PO Ferries online, within 24 hours i wanted to cancel, but they advised me that the journey was non refundable.HELP PLEASE - Goods Paid For But Not Received Consumer Rights.

I would be very grateful if someone could clarify her position.Remind them of the Sale of Goods Acts and Distance Selling Regulations and EU Consumer Regulations.The use of internal controls, including reviews, authorizations, approvals and training for employees dealing with the issuance of payments can go a long way in reducing the risk of vendor fraud to an organization.I received an e-mail to confirm my order and the phone model that I would recieve.Could you clarify what happens after the 21 days duty of care expires.There are many retailers who will try to absolve themselves of their responsibility by making statements which appear to give you less rights than you actually have.Up until the point of delivery the seller is responsible for the items safe arrival.I have not receive the goods purchase as 7-9 business working days have passed. (15 working days passed).

Not received goods or services paid by debit card? This is stage 1 of 3. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). Please do not use your browser's 'back.They can charge you for collecting the item but you must have been notified of this in the Ts and Cs before purchase.Given your satisfactory use of the product since February 2007, it is not established that the product did not conform to the contract (i.e. was defective) at the time of purchase.

I purchased two pyjamas for my daughter from Very web-site over a month ago.I am sure I heard somewhere that they could not take your money until the goods were in transit.Is looks like they just ran out of lemon or white and just used this.I ordered a makeup palette from a makeup company via Facebook.This is indeed unsolicited, provided there is no paperwork signed by you.Most Shared Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 It is not fit for purpose Know Your Consumer Rights Returns and refunds Buying a Car.The next day, the product was still offered at that price and I have since found out that somebody ordered one and received it the very next day.

If they refuse to fulfill their end of the bargain, get in touch with your local Trading Standard Office or Consumers Direct.One item I ordered in September, I was notified 4 days ago they could not get the stock.

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Will keep it simple, my wife ordered a felting machine from Create and Craft.Contact your bank and learn from this bitter experience that unless you know the person BACS is not the best way to pay. you have paid, not received goods,.

Need special returns label for parcel to be accepted at local drop off shop.The seller insists that he has a deal with Sony but I have been unable to get this information from them.From my own knowledge I think I know which retailer and bath suite that your may be referring to and the retailer clearly made a typographical error when listing the item.The Beneficiary is the person or company who will be paid under the letter of credit;. the goods he is expecting only will be received since it will be.I have sent a few emails to the company but they have been ignored and when I looked online about this company they have hundreds of awful reviews from previous customers stating terrible customer service and even when items were sent back they never received a refund.Paid for goods outside of ebay by paypal but not received and seller states sent but no proof.I was cold-called by Three and sold a mobile phone on what I believed to have been an 18 month contract.After many hours chasing them, and sending back a non-receipt form they confirmed that a new one would be sent out.

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It still works when connected to an external monitor, so according to Dells website, will probably need a screen replacement.