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More Rohingya Muslims Flee Myanmar As Bangladesh Prepares To Start Repatriation.Libya Car Bomb Death Toll Rises to 33 and Wounds 71 In Benghazi.

Pakistan Ulema Council Asks Kabul to Take Action against Afghan Ulema.US-Led Coalition to Build 30,000-Strong Border Force In Syria.New Fatwas Issued At Ulema Conference Allows Newborns to Receive Azaan before Bath: Report.No Further Extraditions to US Unless Washington Hands Over Gulen: Erdogan.

Loc. 418-19 | Islam has an ideology centred on the group and the west has an ideology centred on the individual. or haram, what is forbidden. Ideological Jihad.Divorce in Islam can take a variety of forms,. i.e., the declaration of talaq repeated three times, or a different formula such as "you are haram for me".The International Community Must Actively Address the Menace of Jihadism and Its Phony Interpretation of Islam, Urges Sultan Shahin in the UN Human Rights Council in Its 25th Session.Interview with JKLF leader Raja Muzaffar, Head of the foreign relations committee of J.K.L.F.Pakistan Cautions US about Consequences of Anti-Taliban Offensive.The Concept of Halalan Tayyiba and Its Application in Products Marketing: A Case Study at Sabasun HyperRuncit Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. haram in Islam but in.Najib: Religious Institutions Must Also Counter Terrorism, Extremism.Defeated in Syria, ISIS Fighters Held in Camps Still Pose a Threat.

Govt Plans To Enrol 3,000 Seminary Students to Get Modern Education.Terrorist Commanders Killed in Clashes with Syrian Army in Eastern Damascus.If listening Music is haram then where it stated in Holy Quran?. Good Music allowed in Islam:. Why Pork is Haraam.Islam of today is has two major branches; the Sunni Muslims and the Shia Muslims. This massive split between the sects & laws is not just between the people, but also.High-End Hotels in Muslim-Majority Malaysia Are Banning Headscarves.Boko Haram Militants Shoot Dead 20 Loggers in Nigeria: Sources.

This spot, just outside the present Masah is believed to be the approximate location of the house of Abu Jahal.This Global Legal Monitor article by George Sadek covering Arts and culture, Games, Islamic law was published on January 28, 2016 for Saudi Arabia.

Urges Repatriation of Refugees after Drone Strike on Haqqani Leader.

India: Soldiers suicide: 425 in the Army, IAF, Navy since

FACULTY OF SHARIAH & LAW INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY,. Wine was declared Haram in the year: a). Line of Control (LOC).Music in Islam: Lawful or Unlawful. and chances are that he will declare music and painting Haraam. Dervishes are a sect of Islam taught to.Of socialism and Islam. From the Newspaper July 08,. (Righful)' and 'Haram. Pak-India cricket series unlikely in light of 'high number of LoC violations':.I am a Muslim male convert from USA. I have two children from before I accepted Islam and they were both born out of wedlock in an unlawful relationship before I met.

Airstrikes leave 3 ISIS militants dead in Kunar province of Afghanistan.Pakistan Newspaper Issues Calendar with Mumbai Terror Attacks Mastermind Hafiz Saeed on It.US Designates Indian-Origin ISIS Militant Siddhartha Dhar as Global Terrorist.Nigeria’s Boko Haram: Frequently Asked Questions. Summary Boko Haram, a violent Nigerian Islamist movement, has grown increasingly active and deadly in its attacks.Muslim Countries Should Give Equal Rights to Minorities: Sayeeda Warsi.

Veils Cast Over Truth – Terror, 'Khorosan' and Islam

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Introduction: Islam - A Challenge to Religion by Allama Ghulam Ahmad Parwez.Adeel Ahmad NA:63. 198. In Islam we got two obligations. one for. Interest or riba or sood or whatever in any shape is haram either you give or take or use.Gulam Mouyddin Muslims living in wester countries and in India are busy in putting pressure to have exclusive and different laws for Muslims.The Morality or the Immorality of the Institution of Slavery and the Quranic Permission That Allowed Sex with Female Slaves.

Libyan Official: Seif al-Islam Gadhafi Favourite to Win Elections.The Constitution of Medina. the role of Medina as a haram or sacred. Muhammad at Medina and R. B. Serjeant "The Constitution of Medina." Islamic Quarterly 8.Ex-Military Chief Of Staff to Run In Egyptian Presidential Election.

Daesh Executes Own Members in Iraq Over Refusing Bomb Attacks.Quote: Zahid said: If Christians pick up guns to fight Muslims, they have the right to be killed. As do the Muslims.Muhammad Hanif Khan Shastri Speaks on Unity of God in Islam and Hinduism PLAY.NewAgeIslam, Editor Sultan Shahin speaks on the Taliban and radical Islam PLAY.Govt Hurting Muslim Sentiments: Maulana of Saffron-Painted Haj House.Best Answer: Medina was the 1st city on earth to accept Islam and gave refuge to the prophet Muhammad and his follower. When Muhammad began preaching the message of Islam in his hometown Mecca, he was opposed, harassed, many of his early followers were persecuted. It was something expected. Similar thing happened to Jesus, and Moses.

What does Islam say about Marijuana (cannabis/weed) and is