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The woes of these early-adopting Leaf owners has certainly prompted many to ask if electric car battery. How Long Will Your Electric Car. Car Battery Last?.Using car batteries for camping - any experience?. straight off a car battery? If so how long should I expect the cooler. battery will be on its last legs.I own a car and have had it for 2 years. It has about 55,000 kilometers on it and I was wondering how long does an average battery last, and should a.

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How long does a car battery last? The battery is a very important part of the car because without it nothing works. It’s like the heartbeat of your car; it […].

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How long should a car battery last? Performance Acura. How Long do Batteries Last | (816). How to tell if your car battery is bad,.How Long do Electric Car Batteries Really Last? Gauging the risks, and rewards, of driving an electric-powered car with the father of the Chevy Volt's battery system.Why Do Car Batteries Go Dead in the. Anytime your car battery is operated outside the. you can help your battery last longer in the summer with a little.

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But for how long can one battery be recharged again and again until it doesn't charge anymore and needs to be. How long does a car battery last? By Billy Miller.The Basement Watchdog Big Standby Battery is compatible with all Basement Watchdog. How long should this battery last before you need to. loc_, sid _100054931.If you’re not going to be driving that often, just idling the car will do your battery more harm than good.When Should You Replace Your Car Battery?. Although your battery should last up to 6 years, it is best to conduct regular checkups on your car battery.

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Today I looked at my maintenance free battery that came in the car when i. How long before you. come in brand new Hondas only last until the.

Do you know how to know to change a car battery? How lo prolong life of car battery? Do you know how to know to change a car battery?. How Long Do Car Battery Last?.Hot weather beats a battery down, but you might not see the problem until it can not deliver the CCA in the winter.How to Keep Your Car Battery Alive Through a. Your car's battery needs its own annual routine. Any car battery stored for a long period of time will suffer.Owners complain that some hybrid-car batteries conk out early. Hybrid cars 101: How long should batteries last?. How long should such a battery last?.So, you will need to read what people suggest, almost all viewpoints have their own merits, and then make up your own mind.

I was wondering how long can the car battery. How long does a typical car battery survive without recharging?. How long will a 12V vehicle battery last if.. How Long Can Electric Vehicle Batteries Last. that their battery will last the life of the car. on ‘best practices” for a long battery.How to boost your car battery safely The long-term solution may be a new battery but the immediate one is a set of jumper cables.The normal life expectancy of a car battery is typically estimated at four years when it operates under normal conditions. This means that the battery does not.By the time I bought a new battery at maximum price, and missed work, and maybe had to pay a taxi, I said to heck with it, that cost more than a new battery would cost in the first place.

While the lead-acid car battery hasn't changed much in the last 100 years, it's still a difficult part of the car to check during routine maintenance.IS350: How long did your battery last? I just got an 06 IS350 with 47,000 miles on it. I imagine you use your car frequently and doesn't sit for a long time.Loc: Regina, Saskatchewan. Riding Mower Battery- How long do they last? [Re. I have a couple tractors that use full-size car batteries, and they last tens of.How to Extend the Life of Your Car Battery -'s consumer focused auto reviews for new and used cars and trucks. How Long Will a Hybrid Car Battery Last?.wikiHow's mission is to. Is it ok to store a car battery on. "I was not sure how to store batteries for long periods of time and the best way to.Batteries in the northern US had an average life of 56 months compared to those in the south which had an average life of 43 months.

The life-span of all batteries is linked to the capacity of the battery (e.g. in Ampere hours) and the amount of current (Amperes) drawn from the battery by the device which it powers.

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Though with a 60 month battery, I rarely had to pay a cent for the replacement.

If you plan on crossing the Klondike or the Sahara with it, maybe a new battery would be in order.Then have battery load tested and the charging system tested.Impala, on this board, you will find that different people have made different decisions on common issues.The average car battery lasts for approximately four years of normal. What is the life span of a car battery? A:. How long should a normal car battery last?.Car Battery Myths: I had to have my car. how long a battery last depends on a number of factors including,. I replaced the battery in my car myself and.

Car Battery Life Expectancy. or it's cheap, it won't last long at. but I have also had a car with the original battery that we had in the car 13 years.

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How long will this appliance run from a battery?. How long will a 12v car battery last using a 100w lamp only?-4. How long will my battery last and how to.If your battery has trouble holding a charge, it may be time to purchase a new one. You might wonder, how long do car batteries last? There are many factors that.

How long can a car battery sit?. As to how long a battery can last while sitting idle that. with a good battery, how long can a car usually sit for without.Under these conditions, you can probably expect your car battery life to be about six years. On average, a car battery lasts between two and five years. If you live in the northern United States, your car battery lifespan will be longer, because you’re in a cold climate.How often should I replace my car battery. my car battery? On average, car batteries last for three. unused for a long time. If you use your car.Car batteries with 3 year warranties will often last 5 years. Car batteries with 5 year warranties will often last 8 years.This is a discussion on How long will a battery last without being used ? within Technical Stuff,. Last Post: Car battery life - How long did your.