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Another thing is our current president (Obama) is spending a lot of money.

Utah is one of the fastest growing states in America with that.Our daily lives are affected by the local government greatly.Local government is much closer to us because we are surrounded by it in our everyday lives.

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I believe that are state government is very prestige in its on right and you only go up so possibly to being federal representative.Have you ever contacted your local government about an issue in your neighborhood.My local government seems to be upholding the standards of a government, though certain factors such as education and proper analyzing of lawful situations are a slight concern of mine.

People as young as thirteen can make a difference the key is to stand up and let your voices be heard.The government influences laws such as, curfew and a lot more.The government make sure police and firefighters are up to date and working well."I think a lot of these communities that have problems with police will have problems with that, too." In 2014,. could also capture too much.The roads in Irving cause me major trouble on my way to school and back home.My concerns in the community is that we should take care of the property value declining.My only concern in my community is the lack of education rather than that there is no more concerns.The violence rate has been rapidly increasing.The concern that really seems to really bother me is the school system, lack of books, and etc.The government effects me by the police and firemen all around us.

The government should help schools get more money to speed up buses like we could fix the roads add extra tires to buses.The government that is in charge and will have them most impact on daily live in our city right next to us.Also in this thing to the left of all the comments says that local government can even band smoking and stuff like that in many areas of the city.Capitol CX-747 Power Loc Seam Tape for installing virtually any type of carpet under any traffic conditions.Of course, shipping must be considered when ordering by mail.In addition to these officials, school boards are officials who are normally elected and oversee the local school district.I can get involved by even telling people to pick up their trash and even pick up my self.:).Limited Slip - Trac-Loc or Power-Loc. I've done quite a bit of research on lift kits. I've determined that you can't have your cake and eat it too.

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police departments have expressed concern that officers

In my community I have concerns about involvement and participation.The Government affects a state by granting them authority through written rules.Helping out by volunteering is a good way to make the city cleaner and a better place for people to live.It gives me freedom of a lot of things one is freedom of speech.

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These representatives live and work in your area and have a significant impact on your life every day.

“The British police have been very clear that they want to control the flow of information. Such was the power of the blast that nuts and screws packed round the.Once again in a good way the government will pay for buying your land.

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The Government needs to stop worrying about uneccessary stuff and put a big stop to average normal people taking an advantage of welfare and social security.Each state has there own laws that can effect you to if you move from state to state. The U.S government helps with all of this too. The U.S laws do take place in every state.For example, the schools that students go to have their own form of government.It is true that they do but what affects us the most is actually local government.The local government influences our lives greatly because these are the people that are making decisions for us based on what they see going on in our city.

How does the state government could affect people in another country.My city government is doing a great job keeping the city beautiful.

All sates enforce the law and will punish the people that do not follow the laws.Going to school, doing homework for school, and studying for tests.

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To find out more information about your local government, use the Student Voices Go Local section on the homepage.A lot of people sit around, moan, and complain, but never take a stand to make a difference to see what they want in action.

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They even reconstructed the busiest street in our entire city and then tore it up and started again.They are the people who divide our cities and schools from neighborhoods.I go to the city council meetings and school board meetings so thats how i can help inform representatives about what they can do and contact them.I had not contacted local government for any of these issues but I think the real problem of American economy is luxurious spending without caring the sources of income.Follow American politics,. It's Not Too Late For New Yorkers To Sign Up For Health Insurance!. Do you have info to share with HuffPost reporters?.